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Jan. 1st, 2012

I promise I'm alive. My house didn't burn down or anything but my life has...been quite a rollercoaster ride. Except you take out the fun and put in a lot of barfing.

Sure some good things happened like I got a PS3, and a 3DS, passed all my classes, got a wonderful seasonal job. But our family has been through such a rut that I would still call this the worst year of my life. The good could not trump the bad...and well, writing everything that's happened here on LJ when I've been gone for so long would be rather bad. Let's just say that I'm glad 2012 is here. My chin is up, things are starting to slowly improve, and I can start this year fresh. As I said, Plurk has been the easiest to post stuff that happened daily...mainly because almost every day was an. Um. Adventure.




Because LJ has been too much of a poop.

Only reason why I will not totally leave is because I am unsure just how many of you dear people are also doing the same after all the shit LJ had done. I am nature_heart. If you happen to be moving/also get an account, feel free to add away.

Peace out LJ.

I had fun with this one

I hope everyone is having a good Mother's Day and I'm sorry for not being around here much hahaha |D;;;.

FANDOM OF YOUR CHOICE! What in your fandom makes you happy?

Post examples in comments. Rules:
1. Anything goes, as long as the contributions contain happiness.
2. Ficlets with any pairings are welcome, be they friendship, slash, femmeslash, gen, etc.
3. Picspams, gifs accepted! Anything goes, remember? GO CRAZY!


Yup, the night before V-day.

We had a snow day XD. I made a nice breakfast (a new recipe actually), played videogames, napped, and...yeah. I need to study XD.

I'm gonna make super chocolatey cookies for people on Valentine's ^^.

That's about it...

Oh! I did a quiz and it's behind the cut because the result pic is HUGE!

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Luck seems to win here...

Heh, an early dismissal due to coming weather. Might be worse tomorrow so there a 99.9% chance we won't go to school tomorrow ^^.

That's means some tests I'm having in the furture are gonna be delayed. Plus, a week off begins next week. YAY.

I have a meme right here from Meowzy-chan! It's "36 Things about you"! You don't have to answer everything if you don't want to. It's under the cut ^_^.

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I can't believe what happened today. First of which, it was EXTREMELY COLD! Especially this morning...Holy Martel. I watched the news and it was around -10 degrees. My sister and I were at the bus stop and the bus came and we were like "YAYZ, SOME WARMTH!" Then the bus driver started pulling out of our road to turn around, for no reason. He did that in the really snowy days when the snow was knee deep. We would stand in the road instead of the grass so we don't freeze our legs. It was his way for us to avoid walking in the high snow. Well, today, there was no snow and no ice. Just frigid cold. WTF...Was he just toying with us??

I turned in my assignments that were due plus I did some work that I had to make up. I'm trying to accomplish alot by the end of today. But now, I relax. I'm very tired. I was up at 1AM because of that stupid lab report from hell.

Oh, and I want TOS: Dawn of the New World...like, really bad now ^^;. Next to that, is Brawl.

Death by Lab Report!

Almost...done...Worked...all day...X_X.

Uggggh...I'm so tired. Stupid project. I swear, I hope we don't have to do another formal lab report for at least a little while. If she gives us something big to do over break...I'll DIE.

Party Time!

Well, I'm going to the party in a bit. I've already baked my cookies. All I need to do is eat lunch and get the gift certificate for the anime and manga store and then I'm ready to go.

I stayed up late last night working on that stupid report, I'm almost done!

We're going to see a show at the theatre...I forgot what's the show is called but it sounds good. I love seeing plays and stuff.

Yargh...It's snowing really hard again...

Eep...Friday Night!

Well...Kratos has earned the title "Narrator" for the next game. Poo. Oh well, better than nothing. Also better than saying that he died or something. Aside from that, I'm liking the sound of Dawn of the New World more and more.

I'm feeling better so I'm going to the party tomorrow ^^.

That's about it...for now.

Hey, has anyone realized that I've been updating almost everyday this week? Holy crap, I should get an award ^^;;.

My Chemitsry Teacher might kill me...

Yep, I'm sick and I'm staying home. I slept for hours and hours and now I have to wake up. My mother didn't want me in bed all day. I agree. I gotta do some more work, I couldn't work on my report at all last night. I felt really bad.

Heh, another three day weekend I suppose ^^;.

But I'm still gonna relax here and there and perhaps play some games and try to get better by tomorrow.